Piermarco Beauty Offers a Wide Variety of Cutting-Edge Hair Care Products.

At Piermarco Group Beauty we are very particular about the products we choose. Each brand must respect the integrity of the hair, skin, or nails since we’re all about total beauty. We choose brands from all over the world to give our customers a global experience right in our store. Some brands/products are well known, however, we also pride ourselves on giving the up and coming indie brands a place to call home.


To Highlight Some of our Top Brands:

ALFAPARF Milano: a brand with an Italian soul and a global spirit. Semi di Lino is the haircare with an ancient ingredient found to bring health and unsurpassed shine to modern hair.

AG Hair: Our Canadian neighbor gives us an always on trend haircare line bringing the trendiest products with the latest ingredients to keep hair styled without compromise. Use, Love, Repeat is their moto and will be yours too.

OBLIPHICA Professional: a deep treatment haircare brand with a main ingredient, the very precious Seaberry. The Seaberry is supercharged with omegas and vitamins to not only treat the hair but the scalp as well. DECADENCE at its BEST

Color Proof: tout themselves as the Hair Color Authority, a California based company and the pioneers of luxury haircare. The concept of always integrity and excellence becomes a reality as Color Proof is ALL OF THE GOOD. NONE OF THE BAD. 100% Vegan – Free of Known Carcinogens – Paraben Free

Scruples: Scruples: it all sums up in a few words; HIGH Performance – AFFORDABLE haircare.

Indie: Indie is anything but mundane styling. Get the freedom to express yourself as you see fit.

These are just a glimpse of what we offer; visit us to learn more about all our brands.